Our Mission is to create wines that are authentic, creative and fun.
Authenticity: the essence of Puglia

We only use grapes from Puglia, capturing the true essence of our sun-kissed region. Our wines, like the suggestive city of Locorotondo, release roundness and intensity. The name RUOTA LIBERA pays homage to Locorotondo, not surprisingly called the "round place", and our labels feature the iconic white wheel, symbolizing the authenticity of our wines.

Creativity: wines without limits

Our wines are the result of a unique creative collaboration between a team of friends who want to go beyond traditional boundaries. Each of us, with our ideas, contributes to the creation of RUOTA LIBERA wines.

Fun: Freewheeling

Wine is joy and relaxation, just like riding a bicycle without effort. Our wines are designed to transport you to moments of pure pleasure, inviting you to relax, free yourself from everyday constraints and fully enjoy the pleasures of the present.